Friday, April 23, 2010

the one handed post

no capital letters. limited punctuation. numrous tpos. and i don't care, even though i am a professional writer. i punched this post out typing one handed, left handed, which isn't easy for a righty like me. my right arm sits in a sling, its home for the next six weeks. the pain in the arm is better than the side effects from the anti inflammatory drug that made me more than a little nuts this week. at least it is healing pain, post op pain, pain i gladly accept because i know the stitches and anchors and all the other refinements the surgeon made to my shoulder will soon knit together and i will be good as new, or at least as new as a 48 year old can be. the happy end is in sight. until then it is left handed typing, typoss and all.


  1. I am glad you are doing well and are on the road to recovery. :)

  2. I take it since we haven't heard from you in a while that you found your story. Goodluck can't wait to read it.