Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is my third post today, yet I felt it necessary. I really needed to explain why, after signing off as a blogger, I suddenly jumped back in with both feet. I have no explanation other than to say that I haven't written a book since October, and the longer I go without writing, the more I feel the life draining out of me. So blogging it is until a new book idea comes along to capture all of my attention. Hopefully this makes sense to the two or three people who read this blog.


  1. Makes complete sense! :) You have a very real-life, down to earth style of writing that continually makes me not only reflect on its truth but also never ceases to make me laugh! Welcome back!

  2. Sorry for your dry spell, but selfishly speaking I'm glad you are back. Hope the arm is better soon.

  3. Hello Mark I have just heard your name for the first time listening to another Alex Baldwin video on Parental Alienation.Hope the dryspell you are experiencing ends soon ,being a woodworker/artisan I know the feeling.I have a unique story to tell and being a spiritual man you might be interested??I like 100,000's of Fathers in north America am alienated from my 12 year old son.My son was in a near death drowning accident with his mentally ill mother. They both miraculosly lived.Shelly Yates fabricated a story to deflect attention from her negligence and was successful in doing so.Shelly claimed that she saw light beings that gave her direction in saving her life and the life of our son Evan.It reached National Headlines on TV and in print.A paranormal researcher did an investigative report and refuted Shelly's claims.Shelly Yates was charged by the RCMP in relation to her role in causing the accident and there is a pending lawsuite.I ,a once a loving father have now been totally alienated from my son's life. Shelly also courted the Oprah show for exposure but was ignored.You can have a listen on utube Shelly Yates, Fire the Grid. You can also read the investigative report at starfiretor.com Thought you might have wanted to hear this ,if so thanks for your time. If not, sorry for waisting your time ,Bobby Grace